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How do I block or unblock a sender in Outlook?

If you grow tired of receiving spam emails or just want to block someone from emailing you can you follow the simple steps below to add them to your Junk or Blocked list.

  1. Right-click on the email from the sender
  2. From the menu, choose Junk Mail >
    • Block Sender - blocks all email from the sender from showing in your inbox.
    • Junk Mail. - this will send mail from the sender to your junk mail folder where you can retrieve it later if necessary.

How do I remove someone from my Block Sender or Junk Mail list?

  1. Open Outlook
  2. In the File menu, click Outlook > Preferences
  3. Click on the Junk Mail icon
  4. remove the sender from your Junk or Blocked list by selecting their name and clicking the minus symbol.
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  • 31-Mar-2016