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How do I change my Name Stamp on my Shoretel phone?

The Name Stamp is the name used when a caller using the dial by name feature or your voicemail is not setup with a custom message. To change your Name Stamp follow the directions below.

From your Shoretel Phone

  1. Press the voicemail button
  2. Enter your password and press the # key
  3. Select option 7 and then option 6
  4. Follow the prompts

From Shoretel Communicator

  1. Open Shoretel Communicator
  2. In the menu bar, click more, then Preferences
  3. Click on Voicemail in the left navigtion
  4. Across from Record Name: click Record
  5. Click play to listen to you recording. If you like the recoding, click Save. If not, repeat steps 3-5.
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  • 12-Feb-2016