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How do I install and use AirServer?

AirServer is software for your Apple laptop that allows you to utilize Airplay to display an iPad, iPhone, or other Airplay capable device via your laptop.

By connecting you laptop to your projector and then using Airplay you can wirelessly project you iPad in the classroom. This allows the teacher or student to be anywhere in the room when projecting their screen.

Installation Instructions

  1. Create a ticket to receive an AirServer license. In the subject of your support ticket, use "Airserver License"
  2. Goto and Download AirServer
  3. Once downloaded launch the installer and follow the prompts
  4. When prompted, enter the license key we sent you from your support ticket.

Post installation setup

  • Air Server will show in the menu bar as an icon that look like a rectangle with an arrow pointing out of the top. Click it and then choose preferences.
  • Next, under General setup your computer Name and password. The password will be used when connecting to your computer. If you are planning to allow students to connect, you may want to change the password when finished, otherwise they will be able to connect when you do not want them to.
  • Name: You can leave as the default computer name or change to something that will be more meaningful when connecting to your computer via Airplay.
  • Password: We recommend a Fixed Password.
  • Next, click on Mirroring
  • Set the Resolution to 720p
  • Close the preferences box

Connecting to AirServer via your iPad

Once you have Airserver running you on laptop you can connect to it via your iPad.

  1. Open your iPad, swipe up from the button to reveal the Control Center
  2. Touch the AirPlay icon
  3. From the list of devices, choose your laptop
  4. Enter the password you setup in AirServer
  5. Toggle Mirroring to On
  6. You should now see your iPad screen on your laptop

To Disconnect, repeat the process above, but choose iPad in step 2.

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